Best DMCA Ignored Hosting in 2024- 100% Anonymous Hosting

Hello friends, Today we will tell you about the Best DMCA Ignored Hosting; as we all know, the online industry is growing widely, and every individual wants himself or herself on the internet, but you can’t post anyone’s property online. No one can share your things and earn money with them.

To solve this problem, DMCA showed up and DMCA Stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

DMCA-protected hosting has some advantages, such as giving you peace of mind that your legitimate content will never be removed if someone said so or someone claimed it.

Below I will tell you about Offshore Protection, Free DMCA Ignored Hosting and many more things. Just go through the complete article and find The Best DMCA Ignored Hosting.

What is DMCA ignored hosting?

Online business is not very complex nowadays but with many data files which need to be secured. To secure these components and obtain maximum output from your business, you must have DMCA Ignored Hosting.

In a very Specific words, if you want to notice free Hosting, Then go with DMCA Ignored Hosting, with no copyright claims, no data loss and no mental headache of legal charges.

But, When it comes to DMCA Ignored Best Hosting Solution, Most Companies claim the Best Hosting Solution, but the point is, the customer doesn’t want ‘the best.

The customer wants ‘Best Quality Service at an Affordable Price’. So don’t worry will tell you shortly.

#7 Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers in 2024

 So it’s time to check out the top DMCA Ignored Hosting Provider.

  • QloudHost
  • UltaHost
  • AbeloHost
  • Shinjiru
  • WebCare360
  • ProHoster
  • BlueAngelHost

#1. QloudHost 

QloudHost is one of the best DMCA ignored hosting providers that use the latest hardware equipment in their servers to provide optimum performance for your website. For example, QloudHost uses the latest NVMe SSD storage drive to ensure its server can have blazing-fast data transport capabilities. 

QloudHost Best DMCA Hosting Providers

And along with that, it provides you with high-security features with the services so that you can make your online presence without losing your anonymity.

Hence if you are looking for a service provider that respects your privacy, then QloudHost can be an ideal pick to consider!! 

Key features 

Here are some of its key features that will help you to understand the performance you will get to experience and whether it will be worth it for your website or not. 

  • Full Privacy Assurance: QloudHost has built its servers in the best DMCA ignored locations that are in the Netherlands to ensure that you can post all the desired content on your website without losing your privacy. 
  • 100% DMCA Ignored Servers: All the servers that QloudHost uses to host your website are specially designed to help you bypass all the biased country-specific restrictions and let your website reach every part of the world!! 
  • Easy-to-use control panel: Thanks to its flexible servers, you can easily get any of your favourite control panels in your server to manage your resources with just a few clicks!! 
  • Full root access: To let you enjoy the complete power of your servers, QloudHost provides you full root access to their servers so that they can customise their resources as per their needs and requirements. 

Price and Plans 

QloudHost provides really amazing features with its services!! But at what cost? Check it out from the image attached below and get the complete picture of whether it will suit to your website or not. 

QloudHost Offshore Hosting Plans

#2 Ultahost

UltaHost gives the best, and 100% efficient DMCA Ignored Hosting. It is a type of hosting in which most of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act laws are ignored by the hosting provider.

Ultahost Dmca ignored Hosting

UltaHost offers Offshore VPS Hosting, Offshore Dedicated Hosting and amazing features.

Features Of Ultahost DMCA Ignored Hosting

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free 30-Days Money-Back
  • BitNinja Security
  • Free Migration
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers

Plans Of DMCA Ignored Hosting

Ultahost’s DMCA Ignored Services is one of the most important features they provide, as it protects your website from potential copyright infringement lawsuits or other legal action related to content hosted on your site.

Why Ultahost DMCA ignored Hosting?

I will tell you some concrete points

  • Full Root Access
  • IP whitelisting
  • Premium DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting Support
  • Optimized With Advanced Caches

They don’t compromise on anything and give their best. And that’s why they are on the top.

#3 AbeloHost

AbeloHost servers are located in the Netherlands and all of their International clients are guaranteed Total Data Privacy, Data Security, and a Wide Range of Content Acceptability.

DMCA Ignored Hosting

Why AbeloHost for DMCA Ignored Hosting

Here also I will mark the main features that a user needs,

  • Affordability
  • Tier II Data Center
  • Offshore Protected
  • Mobility of Plan

What You Can’t Host?

  • Under Legal Age Nudity
  • Scam/Fraudulent Websites
  • Spam
  • Illegal pharmaceutical websites
  • Any websites associated with hacks or cheats
  • Mass mailing
  • Reverse proxies
  • Selling illegal substances
  • Phishing websites
  • Botnet controllers
  • DDoS scripts
  • Brute Force attacks
  • Packet Flood scripts
  • SIP Scanners
  • IP Spoofing Attacks
  • Virus
  • Trojan
  • Malware Distribution

Plan of Abelo DMCA Ignored Hosting

The Cheapest plan will cost you €5.99 and the features you will get are pointed out below;

  • Including a dedicated IP
  • Including SSL certificates
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 GB SSD Webspace
  • 5 Addon domains
  • 10 MySQL Databases
  • 10 FTP accounts
  • 10 Email accounts
  • 10 Subdomains
  • 10 Parked domains
  • One-click application installation
  • 0.7 Core / 512MB RAM

And the most expensive one will cost you €28.99 and the features which you will get are:

  • Including a dedicated IP
  • Including SSL certificates
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • 80 GB SSD Webspace
  • 35 Addon domains
  • 80 MySQL Databases
  • 80 FTP accounts
  • 80 Email accounts
  • 70 Subdomains
  • 35 Parked domains
  • One-click application installation
  • 2 Core / 4GB RAM

#4 Shinjiru

Shinjiru respects clients’ privacy and they never share any customer’s information just like YouStable and they even accept BitCoin. Shinjiru Offshore is one of the best solutions for anonymous Hosting. They accept BitCoin which is one of the safest payment methods and is not controlled by any central authority or bank.

Features Of Shinjiru DMCA Ignored Hosting

  • BitCoin Accepted
  • No Bank and Card Details are Required
  • No Personal Details
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • 24*7 Live Support
  • Ensured Privacy

Steps To Buy DMCA-Ignored Hosting From Shinjiru

There are 3 basic steps;

Step 1

Choose the Bitcoin Hosting option.

Step 2

Pay anonymously with Bitcoin.

Step 3

Enjoy your privacy and our services!

How To Calculate The Pricing In Bitcoin?

1 USD = 0.000018 BTC
1 BTC = 55,316.418842 USD


Dedicated Server CORE i3-3000 monthly fee = 59 USD
59 USD x 0.000018 BTC = 0.001067 BTC

Pricing and Plan For Shinjiru Web Hosting

They have 6 plans, and you can choose the most appropriate one for you and the most affordable one for you.

#5 WebCare360

Webcare360 DMCA IGNORE hosting is a reliable and secure hosting solution for your website. They give you the highest level of protection against Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices, so you can host content without fear of legal repercussions.

WebCare360 DMCA ignored Hosting

Their servers are monitored 24/7 to ensure your site is up and running at all times, giving you peace of mind knowing that your online presence will be protected from any copyright infringement claims.

With our competitive pricing plans, Webcare360 provides an affordable hosting solution so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of DMCA IGNORE hosting without breaking the bank!

Features of WebCare360

  • Secure & Resilient
  • Unrivalled Connectivity
  • Gutsy Support
  • Secure Payments
  • Incognito Service
  • Partnership Programs

Why WebCare360 For DMCA Ignored Hosting?

WebCare360 provides DMCA ignored hosting services that are designed to give you the most secure and reliable hosting experience. Our servers are optimized for speed, security, and reliability so you can trust your website will remain safe from malicious attacks.

They also offer a wide range of features such as automated backups, 24/7 customer support, spam filtering technology and more to ensure your site is always up-to-date with the latest security measures.

WebCare360’s DMCA Ignored Hosting service guarantee that any copyright infringement notices sent by third parties will be completely ignored which gives you peace of mind knowing your website is protected from legal threats or other issues related to the copyrighted material on your site.

WebCare360 Plans For DMCA Ignored Hosting

WebCare360  plans and price

#6 ProHoster

Prohosters is a Russian Web Hosting Company and they are the leading brand in this sector they prohibit mailing servers, brute force attack servers, carding, phishing, malware, and spam.

Features Of ProHosters For DMCA Ignored Hosting

  • Multiple Websites Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • Windows Offshore Hosting
  • Multiple Cryptocurrencies Accepted

Why ProHosters For DMCA Ignored Hosting

ProHoster is one of The Best Anonymous Hosting Providers because they give you optimized hosting with an online presence even if you want to stay anonymous they keep you anonymous.

However, if you’re hunting for The Cheapest DMCA Ignored Hosting then ProHoster is the safest option.

Hosting Plans For DMCA Ignored Hosting

Their DMCA ignored Hosting plan starts from a very minimal amount of $0.65 per month and the most expensive one will cost you $100 per month the specs which you will get; are 32GB RAM, 4TB SATA HDD and 50TB Bandwidth.

#7 BlueAngelHost

BlueAngelHost also ignores almost every DMCA notice and they will ask for confirmation before deleting the clients’ file from their servers,

and they also focus on protecting from massive DDoS attacks.

DMCA Ignored Hosting

Features They Give

  • Confirmation Before terminating all your Files
  • 500+ GBPS DDoS Protection
  • Two Virtualization Technologies
  • Accepts Cryptocurrencies

What Makes Them Different?

Starting from a very cost-friendly price of $5.99 per month, their Offshore SSD pricing is starting from a reasonable price of $9.99 per month and Offshore Dedicated Server Starting From just $49 per month.

Their pricing feels so systematic and they also allow custom build and also owns enterprise-level hardware. BlueAngelHost also offers Free Script Transfer, Free File Transfer and Free Database Transfer.

Now let’s talk about the addon things BlueAngelHost gives with their most expensive plan:

  • 2x Intel Xeon E5-2660
  • 3.0GHz Turbo, 16 Cores
  • 32 Threads
  • 32GB DDR3
  • 1x 2TB SATA
  • Unmetered 1Gbps Sharing

And this will cost you $119 per month.

DMCA Ignored Countries List ?

Well, there are a total of 7 countries that allow DMCA Ignored Hosting and I have already mentioned The Best Company for DMCA Ignored Hosting.

  1. Russia ??
  2. Hong Kong ??
  3. Singapore ??
  4. Malaysia ??
  5. The Netherlands ?? 
  6. Bulgaria ??
  7. Luxembourg ??

1. Russia

As we all know Russia is a communist country so it’s better not to host a website that triggers their government laws, and in the last few years Russia shuttered many websites but if it is a DMCA protected content is present on your website then scenario is very different,

The DMCA has no power here and you are free from DMCA notices.

DMCA is an American law and Russians don’t follow any law of America. You can prefer Russian offshore hosting.

2. Hong Kong

Well, it is a densely populated and educated country and their markets are filled with bootleg copies of copy content, the same liberty is with Hosting.

If we see the other side Hong Kong is an occupied part of China and in China you cant host anything, you can host something but for that, you need the persimmon of the Chines Government.

The plus point is Hong Kong is very friendly, Illegal distribution of copyrighted content can be seen all over the city’s markets and offshore hosting is possible.

3. Singapore

Singapore has its own copyright law but they threw DMCA notices like a piece of flavourless chewing gum,

The government retains control over many aspects of Singapore’s infrastructure and shows the hosting industry a lot of freedom.

Hosting leading names like Hostinger and FastComet own data centres on the island, and so do many offshore services that ignore the DMCA.

4. Malaysia

They create a blockage that helps to host companies that establish web servers and store copy content to be presented on a website, you can easily do cheap offshore hosting in this country.

Personal details aren’t required, payments can be made in bitcoin, and the local copyright system has nothing to do with the DMCA law.

5. The Netherlands

This country is well known for its promises and they don’t compromise on the security of data centres, they also ignore DMCA requests, It’s the safest place to host politically motivated websites and copy written content.

A very solid point is that the Netherlands does have copyright laws of its own, and Dutch hosts have been known to take them much more seriously than the US’s DMCA.

6. Bulgaria

The Bulgarian government is way too lenient in terms of DMCA notices, so hosting providers enjoy the services, but some political content may be a problem for you if you want to host in this country.

There’s a minus point that Bulgaria is the topmost corrupted country around the globe. Hosting in this country is quite risky.

7. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a fertile ground for hosting companies that promise to keep your content online, no matter what notice or threat comes their way yes they even ignore US DMCA law notice.

Luxembourg is a very small and quite expensive country so there’s a minimal chance that actions will be taken against you if you are found guilty.

FAQ’s- Best DMCA Ignored Hosting

What is DMCA ignored hosting?

When a hosting provider ignores all the requests from DMCA and doesn’t delete your data files from its data centre, this type of hosting is called DMCA ignored Hosting.

Which countries ignore DMCA?

There are in total 7 countries which Ignore DMCA Law.

  • Russia
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • The Netherlands
  • Bulgaria
  • Luxembourg

Does DMCA affect other countries?

Only if that country respects DMCA and It stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act which was established in 1998.

What is offshore hosting?

Offshore hosting is nothing so special but hosting your website, data or application to a far Datacenter location from your place of origin.

Who owns DMCA?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a 1998 United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

What happens if you get a DMCA notice?

Simply remove your data from the data server to prevent yourself from prison, you might have heard the name PirateBay, the owner got imprisoned because of DMCA Notice.

Final Words

If you are looking for the Best DMCA Ignored Hosting then you must go with YouStable because they give the most affordable and most renowned hosting service around the globe,

they have servers in many countries and before hosting content on your website you must keep in mind you are not doing anything illegal because this will cost data loss and possibly you’ll see yourself in the prison.

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