How to Start a Tech Blog and Earn Money 2024

An ancient thought said by our elders is, “you should change yourself with time.” This thought means you should upgrade yourself with the new things happening around you and not live in the old way of thinking. 

The same case applies to the latest technologies as well. You will have to upgrade yourself with the latest technologies, and the best way to do it is by reading tech blogs.

That means starting a tech blog is a great idea. Technologies keep changing regularly, and people read tech blogs to stay tuned to the new things happening around them.

Writing a tech blog and giving unbiased reviews on a particular product will let you generate great traffic on your blog. By getting a huge audience, you can generate a good income. 

By learning about these things, you would have many questions, like 

  • how to start a tech blog,
  • provide high-quality content, and, most importantly, 
  • monetize your tech blog and generate income through them.

Don’t worry. This article will work as a perfect guide for you.

We will tell you five easy steps to walk the stairs of success. 

Step1: Find and Choose Low Competitive Niche

Choosing your Niche is the first step when it comes to blogging. You have to choose your Niche wisely. When choosing the Niche or Topic for your Blog, people often get confused about choosing the right Niche.

Use my method to choose Niche: “Let your voices be heard .“I mean to say by this statement that you choose the topics you strongly believe in.

Writing on things that you trust becomes very easy when you start writing because you have endless thoughts coming to you.

But still, if you find difficulty in choosing the perfect Niche for your tech blog, you can choose from my suggestions to kick-start a tech blog.

  • Mobile Technologies
  • Laptop Technologies Reviews
  • Technological recommendations as well as their recommendations.
  • The latest trend in the technology
  • Tutorials and guides on technology


You can choose your passion and start writing about it because your passion is something you can never get bored of. 

Then the next step that comes after it is to create your blogs. Let’s check that out.

Step2: Create Your Blog

To create a blog, you need a domain name, a web hosting provider for your domain name, and the installation of WordPress to put your blog. That’s it. 

Let’s check how you are going to do that. 

Choose a Domain Name:

Your domain name is the name by which your tech blogs will be known on the internet. Make sure that it is creative, easy to remember, and related to your goal of a technical blog. You can think of a perfect domain name for your tech blog.

After choosing a domain name, you have to make it yours. There are so many companies that provide this service. 

But I suggest you use for your domain name because they provide you with a domain name at a very affordable rate.

Follow these steps to get your domain name.

Step 1: You have to go to the official website of YouStable.

How to Start a Tech Blog and Earn Money

Step 2: On the home page, you will see the domain section

Choose a Domain Name:

Step 3:  Write the unique domain name that you have thought for yourself

How to Start a Technology Blog and Earn Money

Step 4: you have to pay, and then that domain name will be registered.

Choose a Domain Name:

Choose the Right Web Hosting Provider for your Domain.

Once you are empowered with your domain name, it’s time to get the next let’s find a Reliable Hosting partner that can keep your blog up and running 24X7. I suggest you go ahead with Youstable because they will never betray you.

  • You have to go to their website:
Choose the Right Web Hosting Provider for your Domain.
  • In the top right corner, you will see the signup option
Choose the Right Web Hosting Provider for your Domain.
  • Then, you are supposed to fill out a form with all the required details, fill in the billing details, and make the payment
Choose the Right Web Hosting Provider for your Domain.

Wow, you have got another weapon.

Now the last thing that you need is WordPress (CMS), and you can start the world of blogging.

Install WordPress CMS for your Blog.

You would be aware that a website is made through coding. But you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a hand in coding.

WordPress Content Management System is meant for people like you. You have to install WordPress on your system and create a website. You can use the plugins of WordPress to give it a perfect shot. 

Now, you have to win the heart of your audience through the choice of words, which is possible when you write high-quality content.

That is exactly going to be our next step.

Step3: Create High-Quality Content

Your content is the deciding factor between success and failure. You have to remember that people don’t read content for entertainment. They read it because they are serious about upgrading technology and wish to get the real content. 

So, you must remember that your content should be high quality, unique, and satisfy the intention of the reader coming to your tech blog.

Tips for creating high-quality content:

  • Check for the trends on google, which tech topic is trending on google, and try to produce the best content on those trendy topics.
  • Try to give an unbiased review on the product because people are attracted to genuine things, and you get great traffic if you are unbiased. 
  • When giving tech recommendations or criticism, try to write on things you strongly believe in. 
  • Be loyal to your work, and never try to give false information because your one piece of information can affect many people.

Now it’s time to promote your blog. 

Step4: Promote Your Blog

Now, you have made your blog and made it live. Promotion will make people aware of your tech blog. This step will help you get an audience for your blog. 

What are the ways to promote your blog? Let’s find it out.

  • Share it with family and friends: This can be the first step in promoting your blog because these people will read it and share it with those they know. This way, you will get a genuine audience for yourself.
  • Share it on social media: Social media is on the boom. You can post your blog on social media, and it will attract many viewers to your blog. 
  • Tech Club on Facebook: Facebook has a club with people with common interests. You can post your blog on those clubs where people are interested in reading about those blogs.
  • Once you get a handsome audience, you can earn money on your blog. 
  • It is my final step for you. Monetize your blog and start earning.

Step5: Monetize Your Blog

Any tech blog that you write has the potential to generate money for you because you have written genuine things on it that attracts huge traffic, which will help you generate good income for you

1. Google Adsense

AdSense is a simple way to earn money by showing ads next to your blog. If your tech post gets good traffic, then google Adsense will give you some ads to run on your website.

On every click of that ad, google will pay you some commission. In this way, you can generate good income.

That means you have to make relevant content approved by google, and then google will provide you with ads you can run and monetise to generate income for yourself.

2. Tutorials

You can make free content for readers on which you can put ads. But there might be some technology you would know about, and you can make tutorial content on it.

After that, you can make a premium for that content to learn from your tutorials so that people pay you. In this way, you can earn from the knowledge that you have

3. Sell ads on your site.

Once you can see many readers to your blog post, you can sell ads on your site. If the readers buy the product through the link you provided, they will get the commission. In this way, you can generate income.


Remember, you have to be the best in this blogging race. You cannot afford to be second best, especially in tech blogs. I understand the importance of all these things, so I got a tutorial guide for you. 

From my side, I have explained the importance of start a tech blog and the steps to success, which include:

  • Choosing your Niche,
  • Creating a domain name,
  • Choosing the right web hosting provider,
  • Creating your blog, producing high-quality content, and promoting and monetizing your blog.

Still, you can ask in the comment section below for any doubts. 

Finally, I would say that you should be unbiased while giving the review, you have to be the best, and most importantly, you have to win the hearts of your audience with the choice of the world. Your creativity will decide your success.

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