6 Cheap Web Hosting Australia 2024- Trusted by 20M+ Australians

Web hosting is done when files of a website occupy a space on a Web server. Better web hosting will provide speed to the content and help get a better ranking on the server. 

Finding cheaper web hosting is a difficult task for anyone, as unlimited plans offered by the hosting providers make the equation more complicated.

Cheap web hosting is a question that comes to the mind of many. Some servers claim to give cheap web hosting Australia, but it usually comes with high renewable rates.

Server Connection Cheap Web Hosting

Many clients are asking for the cheapest web hosting in Australia available. So here we have showcased our work in articles, making it easier and clear doubts about finding a cheap web hosting company Australia.

There are various types of hosting available in the market to clarify which hosting you should go for. Read the article.

What type of web hosting should you go for?

A website owner should go with a web hosting plan which fits their parameters perfectly. The content and the design are the main features that attract the audience for a long go. So spending unnecessarily on hosting is a waste. 

Choose a Web hosting provider with sufficient databases and bandwidth at an affordable price. 

We should keep in mind that cheap web hosting never means overlooking the features of the hosting. To understand the concept of the necessary features, read the next heading.      

Top features of Web Hosting

Many features proposed by the servers may confuse the new bees. However, the definition of perfect web hosting will defer for everyone as everyone has their preferences according to their needs. 

So to help you, we have mentioned the top feature of web hosting that one should know before purchasing cheap web hosting for their website.


The resources are one of the main features of web hosting. The resources are the power and the capacity of the server. The resources include:

  • The storage space
  • The memory available
  • The processing power of the server
  • Data transfer speed.

 Extra Features

The extra features of web hosting are the features that make a website much more advanced. There are many additional features like:

  • Domain
  • Templates
  • Marketing tools.
  • Email features
  • Building tools and many more


Their client’s budget time is one of the most critical features of reliable hosting. The uptime is the speed time with which a website gets uploaded and how the data gets input into the website.

Most servers mention providing a “guaranteed uptime of 99.9%” what they mean is a server will provide 99.9% of the time and be available to the viewer. A server should include network uptime, web server uptime, and server uptime with their plans for better performance.


The price of web hosting is another parameter that directly affects the pocket of the website owner. For example, a server might have the world’s best web hosting plans, but it will be a waste if it comes under the budget of their client.

Expending much more on hosting is not the right choice for small- to medium-sized businesses. After finding the perfect hosting price for your website, the next step is to make sure for the renewable price.

Even many claim to give cheap plans for web hosting then there are chances of high renewable prices. 


A reliable web hosting is a waste if the server provides no excellent support system. Services like 24*7, anytime support through email, social media, and live chat are few that are best for the server.

Before purchasing any plan, a person should make sure of the support system the hosting company is serving.

Tips on choosing Cheap Web Hosting?

Cheap web hosting

 A cheap web hosting is a dream for any website. A cheap web hosting is a great way to save money for better use.

  • In-depth research on the plans– Deep research is necessary for everyone to get the best deal offered by the servers. The study should not only include the price of the plans.
  • Making sure of the renewable prices
  • Cheap plans do not mean to compromise on reliability and features.

Finding cheap web hosting leads to hours of researching, inquiry mails and ends up at nothing. So here we have an article on the related topics to cheap web hosting Australia comparing various famous plans.

Cheap Web Hosting Australia in 2024

Cheap web hosting Australia is the best fit for any website. Free web hosting is also available in the market but the features proposed may not be sufficient for the website’s growth. 

So, to make your research work smoothly, we have mentioned the various plans catered by the web hosting companies. The enlisted details will help you find the answer to the questions like “which is the cheapest web hosting?” and “What is the rating of their plan?”.


Average Rating 4.8/5

Siteground HostPapa  cheap web hosting Australia

Siteground is a hosting company that was established back in 2004. This company is known for their investment in their employees and making them an expert.

The plans of the site grounds are impressive. The plans and the offers are what made them one of the fastest-growing companies in the competition.


Site grounds give a fantastic guarantee of 30 days money back. Theydays’In addition, theyvide a daily backup facility and have managed word press installation.


  • Free SSL certificate
  • Provide daily backup facility
  • Provides amazing speed 


  • Data storage is limited
  • The monthly resource are limited


 Site Ground StartupSite Ground Grow BigSite Ground GoGeek


Average Rating 4.7/5

HostPapa cheap web hosting Australia

The HostPapa is well-established which is known for its uptime servers. They promise to treat every customer as a part of your family—cheap web hosting with the same renewal rate. Cloud Hosting is available for a better experience.

Hostpapa is one of the earliest hosting companies in the business. They provide an excellent support system. Provide high value and low-cost services at the same time.


HostPapa provides five various VPS services and three main plans. Starting with the starter pack at Rs.199/mon, then have business and business pro packs with increasing rates.


  • The HostPapa provides considerable space with 100 design templates for your website. 
  • They come with excellent, security best for beginners and small-sized businesses.


  • The support system may lack some times  
  • The prices offered are misleading for many customers.


The prices of the plans offered are cheap Australian web hosting. Their basic plans include-

 Starter planBusiness planBusiness pro plan
DomainFree domain registrationFree domain registrationFree domain registration
Storage100GB SSD webspaceUnlimited web storageUnlimited web storage
Email100 email addressUnlimitedUnlimited


Average Rating 4.7/5

Accu web hosting

 Accu web hosting is a company known for its customer services and latest technology.

Accu web hosting provides the best Australian web hosting for small businesses. In addition, Accu web hosting is a company that makes sure that their support system contacts you within minutesits.


  • Amazing customer service
  • Aave best security tools
  • Global reach


  • Quick response
  • Quality hosting
  • Supply great uptime.


  • Email configuration


Personal web hostingSmall business web hostingEnterprise Web hosting
Price$ 3.09/mon$5.09/mon$ 9.99/mon
Storage10 GB SSD 30 GB SSD50GB
Bandwidth500GB750 GB1TB
Email150 emails500 emails1000 emails


Average Rating 4.4/5

Crucial Web Hosting

Crucial was founded back in 2003. Their fast speed and attractive plans are what made them handlers of 8.8 TB data every day. They are well established in the market of Australia. 

Crucial is the best cheap web hosting company for small workers. Give unique features and support systems to their clients. their easy to use plans are highly beneficial for the website


  • cPanel
  • Up to ten addons
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee


  • Cloudflare plugin provides excellent security
  • Give a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No live chats


Number of sitesUnlimited

Digital Pacific

Average Rating 4.2/5

Digital Pacific Web Hosting Australia

Digital pacific is an eco-friendly web hosting company that was established back in 2000. They promise to provide cheap web hosting at a price that small businesses can afford.  

Digital pacific is a pure American web hosting company. Provides the best cheap web hosting in Australia for local vendors to get digital exposure. They make sure that their prices are satisfying in the local market.


  • They give one-click installation
  • Domain registration and packing.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee with a great support system.


  • Have an easy to the management interface
  • Affordable plans


  • No global support 
  • Telephone services need improvement.


 Personal plansBusiness planBusiness proPremium advanced
Storage1GB25 GB150GB50GB
Bandwidth10GB100 GBUnlimitedunlimited
Number of sites111040


Average Rating 4/5

FastComet cheap web hosting Australia

FastCommet is a Sans Francisco-based company with 11 servers in major cities like Chicago, London, and Tokyo. They claim to give cheap web hosting in Australia. Fastcommet gives an uptime of 99.9%.

Fastcommet is the best Australian web hosting for small businesses. With the necessary uptime and excellent support system. The support system includes 24/7 live chat, phone calls, and special tickets. They even provide free site migration.  


Fastcommet gives various features with their hosting plans.

  • 15 GB storage
  • Free domain transfer
  • Free SSL 
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Partial use of bandwidth.


  • Free daily backup
  • Multiple data center locations available across the globe.


  • Their downtimes can occur 
  • The recommended features like RocketBooster are available at the highest plan. 


Prices of hosting plans at Fastcommet start from $3.95/mon of cloud plan and end up at Fastcloud Extra Plans.

FastCloudFastCloud PlusFastCloud Extra
Pricing$3.95/mon$5.95/mon$ 7.95/mon
Storage15GB25 GB35GB
Email accountunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
BandwidthFair usageFair usageFair usage
Other features      Three website transferUnlimited addon domain30 daily backups3x more CPU and RAM.


Cheap web hosting in Australia is a concern of many local businessmen. The cheapest web hosting Australia is given by many web hosting companies, but their plans may differ. One can choose according to their preferences on the website.

The Accu web hosting company can be a choice for a cheap web hosting company Australia. It gives excellent deals with their lower prices and fast uptime. One can also go with HostPapa as they provide many template options for beginners. Host papa also serves huge space and security for small, medium-sized businesses.

The above data will help you to compare many well-established hosting companies in Australia quickly.

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