Link Whisper Review 2024- Easy Internal Linking Advantages

Link Whisper Review 2024 – Hello everyone, today’s article is going to be very useful for all the content writers or website handlers. People always complain that their article is good, content is good but still, their website is not ranking on google.

Well, we have brought to you an interesting tool named Link Whisper which will help you to rank your website easily.

Many of you have already heard about this tool but are not very much aware of how to use it. So, we will discuss every feature of Link Whisper in this post.

First of all, you should know about internal linking and its importance to ranking any website. Then only we will come to know how we can use this internal linking in your website.

What is internal linking?

Internal Linking is a process to connect or link the web pages of your website. People use links to browse across your site and locate the material they are looking for. Links are also used by search engines to traverse your site. Internal linking improves the ranking of targeted pages on a website.

If a page has many connections, especially from other significant internal or external sites, that page’s potential to transmit link equity to other pages and enhance ranking is greater than if a page is poorly connected to or not linked at all.

It will be exceedingly difficult to rank an orphaned page. Internal linking will improve the quality and duration of your website visitors. The existence of internal links encourages users to view more than one page, thereby lengthening their experience.

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Advantages of Internal Linking

Here are some advantages of Internet linking:

  • It contributes to the visitor’s average session duration.
  • It improves in lowering the bounce rate of a website.
  • It assists in increasing the ranking for a specific term.
  • It contributes to an increase in the number of page views per user.
  • It allows Google to better crawl your site and understand your topic. This will rank your article.

What is Link Whisper?

Internal linking is one of the most time-consuming and underutilised SEO strategies. Manually developing internal connections takes a long time, therefore many bloggers avoid it.

You may manage your internal linking procedure to eliminate the need to manually add internal connections using a service called Link Whisper. In this post, we will give Link Whisper Review and how it may assist you in automating your internal linking process.

Link Whisper is an internal linking tool to generate internal links for your posts without your effort. This can assist you to speed up your internal linking process and improving your search engine rankings.

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Easy Way To Internal Linking



Here is a step by step guide to install link Whisper and activate it on your PC.

  • Go to the official website of link Whisper
  • Click on Get Link Whisper Now   

    Link Whisper Review 2024- Easy Internal Linking Advantages
  • Now, you need to choose from the three available plans according to your requirement.
Link Whisper Price and plan
  • Enter your payment details and personnel information like your email address. You will get your activation key on this email address only.
Link Whisper check out
  • After successful purchase, you will get an order confirmation page where you can also see the download link for Link Whisper.
  • Click on this download link and it will start downloading.
  • Then install the software and launch it.
  • After opening, you will be asked to enter the activation key.
  • Check your registered email for the activation key mail by link whisper.
  • Enter this and you are done. Now you can use all the features of Link Whisper.

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Features for Link Whisper

Following are some features of Link Whisper.

Automatic Link Suggestions

Link Whisper, which is powered by artificial intelligence, begins recommending relevant internal connections as soon as you begin writing your post within the WordPress editor.

Link Whisper will recommend hundreds or more internal links from the material you are updating, depending on how many articles you have on your site and the relevancy of your content.

Internal Links reporting

Link Whisper will tell you how often internal links each post has as well as how many external links it has. You can see how many inbound links are arriving in the article and how many outbound links are present inside it.

Customize Internal Links Suggestions and Settings

You have the option of changing the default setups and settings using Link Whisper. You may smooth the links you get by configuring this feature. To acquire the best connecting chances for your site, you may choose various options such as avoiding specific terms or phrases. It will give the suggestions such as which post kinds to link to, how many words to skip, and how to access all internal links in a new tab.

Integration with Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows you to monitor your website’s visibility in Google search results. By connecting your Google Analytics account to Google Search Console, you can monitor your SEO rankings with other Analytics data. Link Whisper review all the internal linking of your site.

Add multiple links

You may add internal links to your post in bulk, and there are no limits on how many you can add. To add a link to your blog post, go to your account and select Add, which will reveal all of the content from which your blog post might be connected.

Add inbound internal links

You may simply add inbound internal connections to Link Whisper. Inbound links are hyperlinks that appear on other pages and connect back to yours, and they are just as essential as internal links.

Add custom URLs

A custom URL is a channel URL that is easy to remember and that you can share with your viewers. Custom URLs are generated depending on the name and presentation of your website. You may use Link Whisper to add custom URLs to your webpage. Link Whisper review all the URLs of your site.

Ignore URLs

Ignore any URLs on your site that you do not consider necessary. You can choose to ignore the suggested links to avoid them from being recommended again in the future.

Add target SEO keywords

You can add your preferred keywords in Link Whisper for which you want to rank in Google. Link Whisper will recommend the most relevant links for your articles based on your keyword. Link Whisper will automatically bring in those desired keywords, eliminating the need for you to repeat any effort!


The recent version added a new feature called Auto Link in Link whisper plugin. With Auto Link, you can easily automate internal and external connecting.

Your articles and pages will automatically link to your selected URL whenever a keyword appears anywhere in your text.

Bulk link changer

You may alter or replace any number of links on your WordPress site with the Bulk Link Changer tool.

Broken link checker

Broken links are the most important issue that severely harms your website’s rating. Broken links can be counted as 404 pages, which means that if you click on them, you will not be directed to the appropriate page.

It is one of the negative aspects of SEO that should not be overlooked. However, if you utilise the Link Whisper Plugin, you can instantly identify any broken links and replace them with the proper URLs.

Get cross-site linking suggestions

In addition to connecting your pages, Link Whisker will also propose cross-site linking. This will make internal connecting a little easier for you.

What Did We Like About Link Whisper?

We will give you the honest Link Whisper Review. What we appreciate about Link Whisper is:

  • Its user-friendly design
  • Connection with Google Console
  • AI assistance
  • The ability to deal with many links at once to save time
  • Compatibility with all plugins, and many other features.

What We Didn’t Like About Link Whisper?

The main thing we did not like about it was the high price. It may be quite expensive for beginners because there is no lifetime bargain available.

Then there are not any big drawbacks besides it should also include a link whisper lifetime option. There are some link whisper free alternatives but these alternatives do not offer the added benefits of the Link Whisper plugin.

Plans And Pricing of Link Whisper

You need to purchase the premium offers of Link Whisker, and there are three options to choose from.

Link Whisper Price and plan
  • If you want to operate a single site then $69 per year.
  • For 3 websites, $97 per year. This is more reasonable as compared to $69 per year for one site only.
  • And the final deal is $147 per year for 10 websites.

Link Whisper Review 2024

Internal linking is a critical component of on-page SEO. If you have not already, it is strongly advised that you do so. Links Whisper is a powerful tool that may assist you in quickly building links to any specialised site.

Customer Reviews of Link Whisper

Here are some customer reviews from the official site of Link Whisper


I have been using link whisper for a few months and it has saved me a lot of time. It not only allows me to identify fresh chances for internal linking, but it also allows me to rapidly find sites that lack internal connections. I now use it for all of my websites! In addition, the assistance is excellent. I am a satisfied customer!


Link Whisper is the most user-friendly tool for creating internal connections. What used to take me many minutes to complete now takes me seconds. I’ve had the plugin since its inception, and it simply keeps getting better. One of my must-have plugins is Link Whisper.


I’ve been using Link Whisper for approximately a year. Within a few days of receiving it, I saw an increase in traffic. It does, however, get better. When Auto-Linking was introduced, I decided to go through all four of my sites. My main website contains almost 300 articles. I read through the articles in two days. Again, I noticed daily traffic surges very quickly, which I attributed to the additional links that were placed. I’m quite satisfied with it, and it’s very simple to use.


Link Whisper is by far the greatest internal linking tool I’ve discovered for my site. It performs a fantastic job of identifying connecting possibilities, and the reports reduce the time required to develop solid internal linking to a fraction of what it is. You truly can’t top it for the price, or at all for that matter. I’ve tested everything from enterprise-sized tools to more inexpensive choices, and nothing beats this tool for checking the internal linking box. Excellent job!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does link whisper do?

Link Whisper is a WordPress Internal Connecting Plugin that makes it simple to create unique linking systems. It has AI-powered link recommendation capabilities that allow you to rapidly add relevant links to our content and boost search results.

How to use link Whisper? 

While building your SEO website, you may utilise Link Whisper as a WordPress plugin. Link Whisper has a simple UI that is highly user friendly, with all of its capabilities simply operated.

How do you use an internal link juicer?

Internal link juicer is a WordPress plugin that can be used to utilise internal links in your SEO website. This is a WordPress open-source software plugin.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and we would appreciate it much more if you shared it with others. Internal linking is a critical component of on-page SEO.

If you have not already, it is strongly advised that you do so. Link Whisper is a powerful tool that may assist you in quickly building links to any specialised site.

I hope my attempts to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of Link Whisper are appreciated. Thank you very much.

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