5 Best WordPress Hosting in India 2024- Trusted Indian Hosting

Nowadays, WordPress is emerging as a point for website building. It is the best friend for everyone to build websites with hectic coding. You can find various websites on word press, quickly building their website. 

WordPress provides an easy-to-use interface, and WordPress hosting helps make the content available worldwide.

Even though WordPress is available for free, there is a limitation over the accessibility of the content. ANd hence, we have brought to you the best WordPress Hosting in India.

WordPress Hosting 2021

There are many companies in India providing hosting services for word press. Questions like which is the Best word press hosting India?

And many others come to mind for a beginner. So here is the article to help you with all your queries. Read below the article to get a better idea of what WordPress hosting is.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is a content management system for creating, editing, and deleting content. WordPress hosting is the service provided by the servers to optimize your WordPress server for better efficiency. 

Many web hosting services are available worldwide, like DMCA ignored hosting, WordPress hosting, and others.

WordPress hosting differs from regular web hosting slightly. There is a minimum requirement that one hosting should satisfy for efficient hosting. To know key features of the best WordPress hosting, read below.

Key Features of Best WordPress Hosting

The key features are the points that are essential for satisfying the urge to become the best wordpress hosting. The best WordPress hosting is the one that has all the parameters required in the correct ratio and should be affordable at the same time.

 The details of the key feature of the best word press hosting are mentioned below-

  • PHP version 7.4 or greater is a preferred scripting language for better performance.
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater or MariaDB version 10.1 or greater database for real-time transactions.
  • HTTP-supported extension for secure communication over the computer network.

These are the minimum requirements that hosting companies should meet for efficient services. Other than these, the best WordPress hosting should serve key features mentioned down below-

  • Sufficient bandwidth for faster uploading of the content and better ranking of the website.
  • Advanced storage system for better quality delivery.

To get a vivid understanding of why we need word press hosting, read below.

Why WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting in India 2021

WordPress hosting optimizes the server for better service to word press. It makes the content available with better speed and with great quality. Word press hosting makes the content available over the clock for everyone.

Word press hosting meets the unique needs of WordPress. They are almost similar to shared hosting with slight differences.

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Overview of WordPress hosting in India

India is digitizing dramatically. Youngsters are arising as famous bloggers, which inspires many. This result is the high demand for WordPress hosting all over the country. 

Here we have compared top-rated word press hosting companies to make choosing it easier. Read below to find your better match.

Price of cheapest plan$1.99/-$3.95/-$ 1.25/mon$1.99/mon$6/mo
Email accountsUnlimited100

BandwidthUnlimitedUnmetered100 GB 100GBUnmetered
Extra featuresFree site migration. Website builderUnmetered bandwidth.
Design template.
Gives SEO services.
Offers free domain.
30 days money-back guaranteeManaged WordPress Template


A2hosting WordPress Hosting in India

A2hosting started in the year 2001. This hosting company was just a hobby when they began it—widely known for their 20x turbo fast speed. For faster speed of uploading, they are the perfect pick. 


A2 web hosting company has been providing various plans. They have shared hosting, shared, reseller web hosting, VPS web hosting, and dedicated web hosting services.

Pros and cons


  • They give managed WordPress hosting.
  • It gives 20x speed, which means lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.


  • The renewable rates are comparatively high.
  • Their support system can be improved.

Plans and Features

StartupDriveTurbo BoostTurbo Max
Prices$1.99$3.99  $5.99$12.99
Website 1 websiteUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Storage100 GB SSDUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Extra featuresFree and easy site migrationFree migration and easy processAutomatic backupUp to 20x speed


HostPapa WordPress Hosting in India

Known for its uptime servers, HostPapa has been serving it for years. With the same renewal rate, they claim to provide the best WordPress hosting. Cloud Hosting is available for a better experience.


HostPapa is one of the earliest hosting companies in the business. They provide high-value and low-cost services simultaneously and offer satisfied WordPress hosting to their clients.

Pros and cons


  • Considerable space with 100 design template
  • Easy- to handle for beginners


  • Support system lacks some times
  • They do customer fishing through prices.

Plans and Features 

Starter PlanBusiness PlanBusiness Pro Plan
DomainFree domain registrationFree domain registrationFree domain registration
Storage100GB SSD webspaceUnlimited web storageUnlimited web storage
Email100 email addressUnlimitedUnlimited


YouStable is a new bee in the market of web hosting providers.


Established in 2017, it provides valuable services with cost efficiency to Indian-based companies diverging their services in varied countries.


It aims to serve your website with genuine SEO services and also offers the best WordPress Hosting in India.

They keep a proper frame for their plans as customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal. There are three plans available YouStart, YouProfessional, and YouElite.

Pros and cons


  • Essential features in cheaper plans.
  • Satisfying packages.
  • Gives SEO services
  • Impressive uptime


  • On calling support available for 6 days only a week.

Plans and Features

Price$ 1.25/mo$1.75/ mo$2.50/ mo
Website 1310
Bandwidth100 GB250 GBUnmetered
Storage10GB100 GBUnlimited


Hostinger WordPress Hosting in India

Hostinger is one of the famous word press hosting company India. They come with great deals to woo their clients.

The prices bestowed are pocket-friendly. They gain customer trust by providing a 30 days money-back guarantee. There are plans available for WordPress hosting too. 


Hostinger is an affordable company for bloggers. They have eye-catching plans with fair prices comprising necessities in their initial plans, like a one-click installation process for WordPress. 

There are three hosting plans, i.e., single web hosting, business web hosting, and premium web hosting.

Pros and cons


  • Provides SSL certificate
  • Prices are affordable, the best choice for bloggers.
  • One-click installation for word press
  • Managed WordPress


  • The support system can be improved.

Plans and Features

Single WordPressWordPress StarterBusiness WordPress WordPress Pro
Price$1.99/mon$ 2.99/ mon$5.99mon$11.59/mo
Websites1100 100300
Bandwidth100 GB UnlimitedunlimitedUnlimited
Storage30 GB SSD100GB SSD200 GB SSD200 GB SSD


Interserver WordPress Hosting in India

Interserver is elite when it comes to WordPress hosting. This company was initiated back in 1999, working consistently for providing quality hosting services to complement their customer’s websites.

They are famous amongst bloggers for their word press services.


Interserver bestows varied plans to meet their customer’s needs. They have easy processes. They make sure that a new bee can easily access all their services.

Give a 30-day money-back guarantee. They have shared plans as the cheapest, then VPS and dedicated plans.

Pros and cons


  • Blogger’s choice.
  • Satisfying word press deals.
  • One-click installation.
  • Template and plugin are adequate.


  • Uptime is not enough.
  • The support system needs improvement.

Plans and Features

VSP WordPress hosting
Processor1 CPU core
Memory2048 MB
Storage30GB SSD
Transfer 2 TB

Our Verdict

Providers toss varied plans to compete with each other.

The prices of A2hosting are comparatively high, so one can also switch to YouStable web hosting company to benefit from their low-cost high-value plans.

YouStable is WordPress-compatible with all their plans.


Which WordPress hosting is best in India?

Countless hosting services are provided in India, but only one could be the best.

Interserver serving for years has met the particular demand of bloggers for their word press optimization. But sometimes, there is a lack of uptime which might not give a better ranking to your website.

YouStable is a cheaper, more valuable alternative supporting optimisation of wordpress with impressive uptime.

Which Hosting is Best 2024?

Hostinger is India’s best web hosting company with eye-catching plans and features.

Other than Hostinger, YouStable being young in the competition, is gaining their customer’s attention.

What is the best WP Hosting?

Best WordPress hosting meets the minimum requirement of word press mentioned above. It has an affordable price with great features to get better SEO. 

Which hosting is best for WordPress beginners?

For beginners in WordPress hosting, Hostinger is the best choice. They give an easy-to-use interface for beginners.

The speed of getting delivered is more than enough for beginners. Besides Hostinger, YouStable is also the best web hosting for word press beginners.


Word press is a content management system that provides an easy interface to develop a website. WordPress is a stopper point for easy website building, even if they know little about coding.

After some growth, one can optimize WordPress services through WordPress hosting. Profound research is needed to get the best WordPress hosting services. 

So, to make your research work much easier, we have mentioned the best WordPress hosting in India with detailed descriptions and prices to find compatible matches for your WordPress.

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