Top 5 Best Cloud Hosting in India 2024- (Top Picked)

In the competitive internet web, you are looking for Best Cloud Hosting In India; this article is just for you.

Hello, guys. Welcome to Hostinglogy, Today we will tell you about the Best Cloud Hosting in India right now.

Let me tell you that big companies are offering Cheap Cloud Hosting? Trust me. They are the best right now in the market.

The Lawful Cloud Hosting Providers offering Cloud Hosting Without Credit Card are the legitimate ones. Here in this article, you will get to know about the five best Cloud hosting in India.

What is Free Cloud Hosting?

Do you know what cloud hosting is? Just go through the article. You will get answers to all the questions running through your minds.

Free cloud hosting is not at all related to the Cloud. Your data is stored in multiple data centres in Cloud hosting to give you the best latency and no data loss insecurity. 

Cloud hosting means making an application & website accessible through cloud resources. In this way, your data will not be stored on a single server like other traditional hostings. Cloud Hosting is best if you experience high traffic & a spike in visits. For that, you need depth-in security Cloud Hosting is recommended for e-commerce businesses & businesses with high traffic.

Cloud hosting is divided into two parts Public Cloud Hosting & Private Cloud Hosting. In the public Cloud, you have to share your servers, whereas, in the private Cloud, you will be provided with a remote server. 

Now we will go through the features of free cloud hosting.

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Features Of Best Cloud Hosting 

Everything is full of features, but I will mention some key elements that make every regular Cloud Hosting the best cloud hosting.

  • Has Better security
  • Better backups.
  • No data loss insecurity.
  • Better scalability.
  • Data latency Response.
  • Support SQL (including MySQL) or NoSQL databases.
  • Provide you 100% uptime.

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#5 Best free Cloud hosting Providers

Now let me take you through the best and most reliable Cloud Hosting Providers. I will be mentioning the 5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers In India.

#1 ClubVPS

This Company is just perfect If you are looking for highly redundant servers & they provide you with freedom of work through which you can work as per your ideas. They provide their clients’ users with a wide range of support & technical support.

ClubVPS cloud hosting in India


  • Has add-on back-ups
  • It gives you up to 160GB of SSD storage
  • Provide you with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Freedom of work.
  • Good security.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Installation is relatively easy.
  • Provides you with Pay-per-click
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Highly redundant hosting.


  • Uptime guarantee not available.
  • Live chat support is not there.

Pricing & Plans

Now it’s time to figure out pricing & the best part about CloudVPS is that they don’t restrict their users with fixed plans. You can pay as per your needs. You may go through the image shown below-:

Club VPS plans and Features

#2 DigitalOcean

This Company is fresher in the market. They offer you some excellent features & offers you can easily achieve your goals with this as they run on great hardware and have pocket-friendly plans.

Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting


  • Offer their clients Monthly & hourly pricing.
  • It gives SSD with every plan.
  • Bandwidth with good features.
  • Server deployment in 55sec.
  • Has API flexibility


  • Tier-1 network.
  • Each plan has an SSD.
  • Pocket-friendly plans.
  • Easy control panel.


  • Provides public clouds only.
  • You will get only 1 IP.
  • Sometimes the server gets slow.

Pricing & Plans

Pricing is excellent as they provide you with SSD with every plan at just $5/month you can pay hourly or monthly as per your need which is a big plus point for Digital Ocean. Look at the plans shown below-:

Digital Ocean plans and Features

#3 Vultr

Vultr is a good option for Best Cloud Hosting In India, so if you want a good & stable cloud hosting provider, this Company is just 100 on 100 for e-commerce sites. It is very easy to navigate, so beginners will not face any problems while using it.

Vultr best cloud hosting server


  • It has 14 data centres globally.
  • One-click installation.
  • Highly reliable with high performance.
  • Wide options of Operating System.
  • Versatile Cloud hosting.


  • Infrastructure is good.
  • The interface is simple.
  • High performance.
  • Wide range of cloud servers.
  • Pricing is budget-friendly.


  • Quite tricky for users.
  • Average customer support.
  • Plans are less available for high-end.
  • Security info not provided.

Pricing & plans

Vultr tries to make their plan pocket-friendly for their users. They don’t want to charge high pricing from their clients, so they offer you budget planning in which you can make your plan as per your needs & you can pay both hourly and monthly.

Vultr plans and Features

#4 Kamatera

Kamatera is also a good option for free Cloud hosting providers. They offer you a 30-day trial without spending a single penny from your pocket. They offer you 99.95% uptime & have 13 data centers worldwide with unlimited traffic.

Kamatera cloud hosting provider


  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Good customer support.
  • Uptime of 99.95%.
  • Content Delivery Network available.
  • Firewall management.


  • Scalable cloud setup.
  • Fully managed hosting.
  • The hardware is suitable.
  • Huge options, for instance, types.


  • Costly for newbies.
  • High pricing for networks.
  • Not easy to use for beginners.

Pricing & Plans

They offer you four different plans & you can choose any of the plans as per your budget and needs they also offer a 30-day trial.

Kamatera plans and Features

#5 CloudWays

This company is best for users who don’t want to face the problem of managing servers. They offer you affordable pricing in which you will get a 3-days trial to check if it is right or not.

CloudWays cloud web hosting provider


  • Word press specialization.
  • Freshers can easily use it.
  • Pocket-friendly plans.
  • Has Automatic back-ups


  • You get a 3-days trial.
  • Customers support 24/7.
  • Free site migration available.
  • Locked-in contract not available.


  • Cpanel not available.
  • No option for email hosting.
  • You can not register for a domain name.

Pricing & Plans

You get a 3-days trial with a specific word press specialization that helps the site to run faster & smoothly. You can go through the plans shown below-

CloudWays plans and Features

Frequently Asked Quetions

Can I buy hosting without a credit card?

Yes, you can buy hosting without a credit card. Many companies accept payments with the help of bitcoins, net banking, etc. Their clients don’t get disappointed because of the payment method.

How can I get a free VPS without a credit card?

Yes, you can get a free VPS without a credit card. All you need to do is talk to the respective company customer care and tell her about the plans you want to pursue. After that, they will provide you with an IP Address. Through this, you access your VPS without a credit card. 

Is Cloud hosting better than VPS?

Yes, cloud hosting is much better than VPS because VPS is less efficient, and Cloud hosting is much more efficient. If one server reaches its optimum in cloud hosting, the second server will be ready for backup so that your website will not go down. Still, in VPS, you will be provided with a single server only. 

Is Cloud hosting expensive?

Yes, cloud hosting is expensive because cloud hosting offers you better security than other hosting providers. In this, you can use more data than allotted. The best part about cloud hosting is that you will not lose your data if the site goes down. You will also get good security from hackers, and for all this, you have to pay more.


So it’s time to end the article. It was a good experience for me to share things with you. I hope for the same from your side as I have done much research to provide you all with accurate & valid information. Before going, look at the key points mentioned below for the last time to get the Best Cloud Hosting In India.

  • Security
  • No tension of data loss.
  • Great scalability.
  • 100% uptime.
  • Support SQL.

If you want me to answer any of your questions, write your question in the below comment box. It will be great for me to answer your question.

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