12 + Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs 2024

Affiliate Programs are not something new. Everybody might have heard about various affiliate programs. But if you do not know what exactly a Best Real Estate Affiliate Program is here is the answer for it. 

An affiliate program is actually a marketing strategy used by many companies to increase their sales. However, at the same time, they offer a great commission to people. Now you might wonder how this works. 

Well, if you have a blog or a website and if you have placed an affiliate link in any of your blogs or website and if people buy that company’s product or service using the link you have placed, then you will earn a good commission.

Like many other companies, Real Estate Companies also have affiliate programs to help you earn a huge commission by increasing their sales. There are many Indian real estate affiliate programs, Luxury home affiliate programs, and many more. 

I hope you understand what Real estate affiliate marketing is. Once going through this article, you will get more information regarding the various best real estate affiliate programs in 2024, what they offer to their affiliates, and the pros and cons of real estate affiliate programs. 

What is Real Estate?

If you need to acquire more details about real estate affiliate programs, you should first be clear about what real estate is. In simple words, real estate is any property, land, or buildings. 

There are four different kinds of real estate which are: Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Industrial Real Estate, and Land Real Estate. Residential real estate will include resale homes as well as new constructions. 

12 + Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs 2024

For e.g.; family homes, condominiums, townhouses, vacation homes, etc. Shopping Centers, medical and educational buildings, hotels, etc. come under commercial real estate. Whereas, the industrial real estate comprises manufacturing buildings, property, warehouses, etc. 

Moreover, vacant lands, working farms, etc. come under the land real estate.

What is Real Estate Affiliate Marketing?

Real Estate Affiliate Marketing is when someone finishes a deal through your affiliate link for a real estate product or service. 

It can be buying, selling, and even renting real estate. Moreover, if you refer people to real estate business, providing real estate provisions like print products, videos, and signs. 

So, if you have an interest in making money online through using a real estate platform, then real estate affiliate marketing is the best way as you do not have to become a real estate agent and you do not even have to invest.

Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs Comparison:-

In this portion of the guide, you will find some of the Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs and their comparison. 

You will get detailed information here about each real estate affiliate program and you will be able to choose the best program that suits you. 

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express Program has been a pioneer in online real estate education since 1996. They offer online real estate pre-license and post-license courses across the nationwide platform. 

The commission they provide is 20 % when each time a student purchases their course through the affiliate partner program link. Real Estate Express provides a cookie of 99 days and the affiliates get their payout every 15 days. 

To join the Real Estate Express Affiliate Program-


Buildium is a property management firm that offers Best Real Estate affiliate programs to people. You can earn a 25% commission for each monthly subscription that comes from your personal website. 

It gets more interesting with their monthly plans at $150 per month and many more offers. They offer a cookie duration of 60 days.

  • Click this link to visit their website – https://www.buildium.com/affiliate-program/
  • Scroll down and click on the Apply to become a Buildium affiliate through impact
  • Give all the information asked in the form
  • Click Sign Up

Vrbo Affiliate Program

Vrbo has 2 million paid vacation rentals and they provide affiliate programs to people who are interested in real estate. The affiliates can earn up to 3% for every traveler you refer and who rents a Vrbo vacation rental home. 

They also offer a chance for you to earn $ 20 for every new listing you refer to Vrbo. Moreover, the affiliates can access third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission checks. 

You also get a unified listing integration with your website through Vrbo’s Partner API. To join Vrbo follow the simple steps given below.

  • Click Sign Up at this link – https://www.vrbo.com/l/affiliates/
  • Select your language 
  • Select your country
  • Provide an email address
  • Give a password ( 8 characters long and should include a combination of letters, numbers /special characters)
  • Confirm your password
  • Verify Email


They have an amazing affiliate program that offers outstanding payouts and great products. If you become an affiliate with this real estate company, you get excellent payouts and rewards of 25% of the investment made by your referrals. 

Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

You get paid every two weeks and have 60-day cookies. Their affiliate program includes CPA (Cost per Action), CPL (Cost per Lead), and Revenue Share. To become an affiliate, go through the following procedures.

  • Visit this website https://realestateaffiliates.com/affiliate/ and click on BECOME AN AFFILIATE
  • Enter your Name
  • Enter your Company Name
  • Provide an Email Id and Password
  • Click Next
  • Give Contact Info
  • Provide your Experience details and submit the online form.
  • Wait for the application to get approved.

Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO)

CHBO’s affiliate program is called Share a Sale. A unique URL is given to all their affiliates to share the link on their websites. 

When a person uses this link to purchase real estate, cookies will track the visitor back to you. An affiliate gets a 15 % commission from every purchase. 

To join, visit the link given below and follow the steps.


Foreclosure offers a 25 % initial commission for all sales you refer. They have a long cookie duration. 

When a customer visits your site and comes to the foreclosure site but did not do the purchase, then later he/she comes back after 6 months to make the purchase, you still can get credit for it. 

People can join their affiliate program for free with foreclosure.

All Things Real Estate      

This is another real estate company that wholesale real estate affiliate programs to the public. 

Anybody can join them and start earning. They have a cookie of 15 days and the commission type is on the percent of the sale. The base commission they provide is 7%. 

Bold Leads

Bold leads have different payment and commission structures and offer wholesale real estate affiliate programs. If you have made one referral you get paid $ 20 and a commission of $ 20. 

If you have 10 referrals, the payment is $ 20 and the commission you earn will be $ 200. So, if you want to calculate, just multiply the number of referrals with the payment of $ 20. 

  • To join their affiliate program click this link – https://boldleads.com/affiliates/
  • Click on Apply to be an Affiliate
  • An application form will appear
  • Fill in all the required details 
  • Click on Apply to be an Affiliate.

Property M.O.B

Property M.O.B pays a 25 % commission to the affiliate on referrals. Any visitors who refer to their site have cookies for a month and within that time if the customer male a purchase, the affiliate will get a referral fee. 

You also get paid every month if they sign up for a monthly membership. An affiliate will have a portal to login and check all the details of sales. 


Their affiliate program offers a base commission of 7% and the commission type is based on the percent of the sale. 

The customer will have cookies for 15 days and if they make a purchase within these15 days you can get the commission. 


This site runs fast searches of its whole network of freely available property listings. All their affiliates can earn a 50 % recurring commission.  

Their cookie duration is for 30 days.

To join their affiliate program visit this link – https://www.birddogbot.com/affiliates/login.php

  • Provide your email first name·       
  • Enter your email address


If you turn into an affiliate of this company, you get to earn a commission of 30% on every single ongoing subscription payment. 

They pay you every month and there is no limit to how much you can earn a month. The referral cookie duration they offer is for 90 days which is a great benefit for all the affiliates. 

  • Click on this link – https://dealcheck.io/affiliates/ to join their affiliate program
  • Click on Join the Program
  • Fill in all the information required
  • Click Sign Up


Become an affiliate of Leads Bridge and start earning for every sales, lead, and subscriber you generate using the affiliate links. 

They offer a 20 % commission on all sales generated. Moreover, you will get a one-time flat commission for each newsletter subscriber or booked demo that you generate. 

The cookie for tracking is set for 90 days and you can see your live statistics as well. The minimum payout commission is when you reach $ 100. 

Real Estate Affiliate Marketing | Pros and Cons

There are numerous advantages and some disadvantages to real estate affiliate marketing.

Pros include earning high commission, content flexibility, and high demand for expertise. 

Whereas the cons comprise of high competition, have to diversify content to meet every customer’s requirement and there is no room for content quality comprises. Similarly, a high level of proficiency is needed to be successful in this field.

How to Maximize Your Real Estate Affiliate Income?

Several approaches are there which you can try to maximize your real estate affiliate marketing. Some of them are given below.

On-Site and Post –Specific SEO

You can optimize individual web pages with an affiliate link and other content related to them to rank higher. This can also help in earning more relevant traffic in search engines.

You can also focus on post-specific SEO in which you can write good content based on the keyword or topics. Determine which keywords are the best for ranking high and update your post accordingly. 

 Become an Influencer

You can start making videos or start a business page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to share the details of various real estate options. You can also share the affiliate link in each post you share which can reach a lot of people.

Writing blogs is also a great idea wherein you can add the links along with the content. 

 Run Campaigns

Think of the best ways to run your campaign to increase the income from affiliate marketing. One method is to launch an affiliate email marketing campaign. 


There are many Best Real Estate Affiliate programs for real estate agents and we guess, now you have got a clear understanding of some of the best real estate affiliate programs, how much they pay as commission to their affiliate and how to affiliate with a real estate broker.

Different real estate companies have different policies and their payout will be different as well. Some companies offer a bigger commission and some offer a smaller commission but with a variety of other rewards as well.

Most of the real agents mentioned in this article offer Real estate affiliate programs in Canada and the Best Real estate affiliate programs in India.

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