10 Best Web Hosting in Dubai 2024 (UAE)- (Ranked)

Best Web Hosting Providers in Dubai UAE – It is good to have a web hosting company in the country you expect to have more traffic. This will help you get a better ranking and More clicks on the page. 

So in this article, we will be mentioning the Best Hosting Providers in Dubai. Our experienced experts choose the providers spoken hereafter in-depth research and examination based on their year-long services and organic customer reviews.

By reading the below article, one will know about the fantastic hosting providers serving satisfyingly over the years. By choosing one of them, you choose according to your preference.

To gain more trust here, we have penned down the written ways by which one can choose the compatible web hosting provider in UAE.

How we can choose the right web hosting Provider in UAE?

Choosing the hosting provider in the country where you expect the most traffic is the intelligent way of getting a Better SEO ranking for your website.

Here we have mentioned the tips to select the best web hosting providers in Dubai.

Below are the features and key points that one should keep in mind before purchasing any provider’s plan.

  • Broader bandwidth and quality of space – Best web hosting delivers more excellent uptime to make your website available over the clock. There Is no way to overlook the hosting services as it has unparalleled value to grow digitally.
  • Affordable price and advanced features- It is the responsibility of web hosting providers to serve attractive features within the budget capacity of their targeted audience. 
  • Premium locations of servers- the location of servers are the reason for the fast and quality position of the server. Therefore, before subscribing to the plan, one should keep a check on the site of the servers they are giving.

Here we will be covering the topics related to web hosting companies in Dubai UAE, if you have your primary audience from the UK, you can check out the Best Web Hosting companies in UK.

Best Hosting Providers in Dubai 

Price Bandwidth Storage Website
YouStable AED 4.35/M 50 GB 5 GB SSD1
CloudWays $12/mo 1TB 25GB Unlimited*
A2hosting AED 7.31 Unmetered 100 GB SSD 1
UAESOL AED 495.85 Unlimited 10 GB SSD
Hostinger AED 5.11 100 GB 30GB SSD1
AE Server AED 29.50 512 MB 50 GB Space 1
SiteGround $6.99 Unmetered 10GB 1
Hostsailor $0.95 500GB 1GB SSD Unlimited
GoogieHost $0.0 Unlimited 1000 MB
Bluehost $4.95  Unmetered 50 GB SSD Storage 1

The comparison done above is based on the Cheapest plan they offer.

#1 YouStable

YouStable takes customer satisfaction as its ultimate goal. They are working in the field of web hosting since 2015.

10 Best Web Hosting in Dubai 2024 (UAE)- (Ranked)

While providing the best option for cost-effective services, they also offer quality. It is one of the primary objectives for them. Read below the features.

Hosting Features

  • They provide cheap SEO hosting to give a better ranking to your website.
  • Cost-efficient plans to give satisfaction to their customers.
  • Provide free malware scans to save your website.
  • 24*7 customer support available to solve problems.

Plans and Pricing

SEO HostingUltimate HostingVPS Hosting
Price AED 55AED 141AED 363
Space 10 GB SSD100 GB SSD50 GB SSD 
Bandwidth100 GB500 GB500 GB 

#2 CloudWays

CloudWays is setting high standards of web hosting by providing a wide range of plans available.

CloudWays web hosting in Dubai

Cloudways is the best web hosting provider in Dubai for providing impressive infrastructure and updated technologies for their customers.

Read below for in-depth details-

Hosting Features

  • They give transparent pricing by providing all the details clearly on the website.
  • There are experts available for the support over the clock through chatting and phone access.
  • There are build-in advance cache and PHP 7 ready servers to give up-to Mark standards to your website.
  • HTTP/2 is available for faster and more secure responses to the client.

Plans and pricing


#3 A2hosting

World widely known for its 20x speed, A2 web hosting gives web satisfactorily hosting over the years.

A2hosting web hosting in Dubai

They are providing services worldwide and have maintained a class for web hosting since they started.

Read below to know the features of web hosting.


  • Domain names with their hosting plans– while country-specific TLD is not available.
  • Security services are functional like site lock, and spam protection is convenient.
  • They give 20x speed from a usual non- SSD server.
  • Impressive uptime of 99.9% even when used for commercial purposes.

Plans and Pricing

Startup sharedDrive plan Turbo booster plansTurbo max
PriceAED 7.31AED 14.66AED 22AED 47. 71
Storage100 GB SSD StorageUnlimitedUnlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth UnmeteredUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Website1 WebsiteUnlimited UnlimitedUnlimited

#4 Hostinger

Hostinger builds online presence and maintenance uptime for better ranking. Hostinger is providing hosting with their servers located in a great location.

Hostinger web hosting in Dubai

One can also find the various advantages they give by searching their official site. To know detailed features of hosting, read below-


  • Hostinger’s Linux-based plans are secure and ever-ready to handle the load.
  • They give cheap free web hosting for SSD storage as their initial plan.
  • They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee to gain customer trust.
  • Free web hosting is available for their customers.

Plans and Pricing

Single web hostingPremium shared hostingBusiness shared hosting
Price AED 5.11AED 9.51AED 14.66
Storage30GB SSD100 GB SSD200 GB SSD
Bandwidth100 GB UnlimitedUnlimited  

#6 AE Server

AE Server web hosting in Dubai

AE server is the one-stop online place where one can purchase everything needed. It is a well-established web hosting company in UAE. Other than UAE, they have data centers in continental Europe and the USA. For more, read below.


  • They have data centers in the Best locations of UAE, Europe, and the USA.
  • They have experts available on the front desk, having a great approach toward the problems of customers.
  • Certified SLA certificate is available free with their plans.
  • They have a policy of a 30-day money-back guarantee to gain the trust of customers.

Plans and Pricing

Startup planGrowth plansBusiness plan
PriceAED 29.50AED 44.50AED 59.50
Storage50 GB Space100 GB Space unlimited
RAM512 MB1024 MB2048 MB

#7 SiteGround 

Siteground web hosting providers in Dubai

SiteGround, since 2004, is recruiting employees that have moulded quickly into exemplary structure expertise. In addition, they are giving expertise directly on call for the customer. To get detailed features of site ground, read the features mentioned below.


  • They give easy ways to build your website. 
  • They keep in mind the need for e-commerce and provide solutions accordingly.
  • They give top-notch security to your website.
  • They have come with nen collaborating option where you can give access to log in to your collaborators.

Plans and Pricing

SiteGround StartupSiteGround Grow BigSiteGround GoGeek

#8 HostSailor

Hostsailor is also one of the best hosting providers in Dubai, serving for a year. They keep a regular check on their customer’s needs.

HostSailor web hosting in Dubai

They leave no stone unturned to give utmost satisfaction to their customers. To know the features in detail, read below. Best ai sexting apps


  • They provide a wide range of solutions to get better service for their customer.
  • They have valuable pricing for their plans.
  • They are compatible plans for everyone, as the plans are build-up by taking the demands in mind.
  • They Provide guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, set up in seconds, and five start customer services.

Plans and Pricing   

SSD shared hostingVPS hostingDedicated servers
Parked domainunlimitedunlimitedunlimited

#9 GoogieHost

GoogieHost is one of the great web hostings that provides web hosting services to their customer for free.

10 Best Web Hosting in Dubai 2024 (UAE)- (Ranked)

Even with free web hosting, they offer premium services to their customers along with 24*7 customer support. Read below for more features-


  • 100% Cloud-Based Free web hosting services
  • Free Site.pro builder to create your website in one-go
  • Free Sub-Domain Name
  • Softaculous Auto Installer
  • Direct Admin Control Panel

Plans and Pricing

Free web hosting Premium web hosting

#10 BlueHost

Blue host is a famous web hosting company that has been serving in the market for many years.

10 Best Web Hosting in Dubai 2024 (UAE)- (Ranked)

Bluehost makes web hosting more manageable and easy to use. There are various features available few of them are mentioned below.


  • They have a user-friendly interface to give a better experience.
  • An All-in-one dashboard is there for faster service.
  • There are various plugins and themes are available for the advancement of the site 
  • Give a customer support of 24*7.

Plans and Pricing

Price$4.95$7.45 $18.95
Storage50 GB SSD StorageUnlimited SSD Storage Unlimited SSD Storage
Bandwidth  UnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered

Expert Advice

To get the Best Web Hosting UAE, one should look for their customer reviews and reputation over the year.

According to the preferred one can select any company that mentioned above. YouStable is the best web hosting available at an affordable price and high value.

One can go with A2hosting if they have no issues related to the budget.


Having a web hosting company in UAE is a tough job, as many varied options are available in the market. So here we have mentioned the top selected web hosting company in UAE.

Web hosting is the essential tool to be present 24 hours on the network. A better web hosting company provides adequate storage, proper bandwidth, and various. However, the rising competition amongst the hosting company has made it difficult to choose.

By reading the above article, we hope that you have decided on the best hosting providers in Dubai UAE.

If you think we should have included or excluded a particular web hosting company, you may let us know in the comment section.

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