A Detailed Beginner Guide to Squarespace

People have the opinion that building a website is highly complicated. Even though it requires a little extra effort, modern-day website-building tools can be a great help.

These tools make your idea into a functional website. Among the different website-creating tools, Squarespace is the easiest to opt for. 

You might be overwhelmed when you are choosing any new tool or software. Squarespace is quite straightforward to use, whether you wish to create a website for business purposes or personal use.

It is quite a popular tool among website designers and developers. In this detailed beginners’ guide, we will help you understand what Squarespace software is and how it will help you as a beginner website developer. 

Know About Squarespace Website Builder

No matter whether you are a professional website developer or just beginning your journey, Squarespace has everything you need. It helps to convert your creative ideas into a functioning website. People having any skill level can easily use this website builder tool. 

Detailed Beginner Guide to Squarespace

You may simply begin your website development journey by choosing the most suitable templates according to your requirements.

It simply requires templates and editors to create an aesthetically pleasing website. The wide variety of templates makes your work easy and interesting and you will not need to use your customization skills. 

You will simply need to mention the purpose of your website and you will get many alternative options to create the desired one.

You can enjoy the free trial version for a minimum of 14 days and if you want to opt for the subscription plans, then they start with the price of $16 for each month.  

Pros of Squarespace 

  • There is an availability of around 110 templates for all-purpose websites.
  • The UI is simple to work on even for a beginner in the field. 
  • The bandwidth and overall storage in the software are unlimited no matter whether you purchase the subscription plan or not.
  • You can get a free SSL certificate with each plan you purchase. 
  • You can also market your website because it will work as a strong eCommerce platform too. 

Cons of Squarespace

  • This tool is most appropriate for intuitive websites that are meant to have general purposes. 

Tips to Determine Your Website’s Plans and Goals

As the templates and design styles of Squarespace are especially meant for people having a creative mindset, you can still use this website builder tool for any desired purpose. Even though the number of available templates is large, you can personalize them as per the industry you are working in. 

The templates available are suitable for multiple-purpose websites. You can optimize the things in the templates as per your needs. You can also narrow the insights simply by determining your goals, plans, and preferences about a particular website. Different aims and goals might include the following:

Personal Website 

Personal websites can be related to any particular purpose including a portfolio, personal blogs, and even a landing page. There are enough templates available in the software that you can build an intuitive website for your personal use. If you subscribe to the personal plan, then you get access to several tools that make your work more enjoyable. 

Business Website 

Squarespace review website builder is a complete toolkit when it comes to building a business or commercial website. Apart from the templates, the software constitutes many additional tools needed for a successful e-commerce website. The features include gift cards, payment processing, inventory management, etc. 

It is a fact that not all business websites are meant to make sales, so you do not need to opt for a business plan. If you are opting for business plans, then keep in mind that you pay for only those features that you really want to keep on your business website.

Announcement Website

Announcement websites are typically used to make announcements related to any particular reason, event, etc. These websites are also very straightforward to create using the tools of Squarespace. If you are willing to opt for a paid plan, then the personal price plan can do the best work for building your announcement websites. 

Steps to Build Your Website Using Squarespace 

Here are some simple steps that can help you to build your desired website using Squarespace. Let us take a look at these simple yet engaging steps.

Step 1: Get Started With Trial Version 

The initial step is to get a subscription plan, if not, then you can also go for the trial version. You can use almost all the features and tools for building your website in the trial version as well.

To start with the tool, you will need to sign up using your email and the free version will be available for 14 days. 

Step 2: Choose a Template

When you have signed up for the free version, you can browse all the template options available. You will need to choose the most appropriate template for your desired website according to your goals and needs.

The templates remain unique no matter how deep you browse while choosing. 

Step 3: Add and Edit Pages

A good website is one which has the most accurate information and content. You will need to add and edit the pages on the website and keep it the simplest possible.

The main thing you need to do is create the cover page first and then other main pages. Once you have decided on the number of pages, you may start editing them. The editing part includes adding content, media, and other settings. 

Step 4: Setting the SEO

Your website is not going to rank without the proper settings of SEO. SEO is related to keyword ranking and other content management tools. To make your website rank higher, you will need to follow all the algorithms and for that, you need to set up SEO.

Optimize the website as per the appropriate keyword count and do not forget to make its list. Character counts in the content and other media are also important to consider. 

Step 5: Choose a Subscription Plan 

If you build a website according to your idea and desire, then there is no need to go for this step. In case there are things left in the optimization process and the website is not as per your desire, then switch to the subscription plans.

The basic one-month plan simply starts at a cost of $16. You can switch to multiple plans including business, personal, etc. 

Step 6: Launch the Site 

When you have done the basic things of your website, you are required to prepare the checkout page. Once all is done, you can go to check the SSL settings, whether hosting is on or not, and other important aspects before launching the site. The last step is to make your website live. 

Keep in mind that you need to make optimization in the website frequently to keep its ranking higher. This is an important step that should not be overlooked once the website is live. 

FAQs – Beginner Guide to Squarespace

Will I need hosting while building my website at Squarespace?

No, you do not need to have hosting beforehand. Squarespace includes hosting in the subscription plan and you can enjoy it on your website.

All the issues related to web hosting are resolved when you purchase a plan from Squarespace. 

Is it difficult to build websites at Squarespace website builder?

No, this platform makes it extremely easy to build websites and also has a positive customer experience.

It is comparatively better than other website builders when it comes to a professional-looking website. 

Is Squarespace available for free usage?

Squarespace is available for free to use until you do not want to switch to a paid plan. The duration for the free plan is 14 days.

To use the software for free, you just need to have an email and its password. After that, sign up and use it to create intriguing websites. 

Is it safe to use Squarespace websites?

Yes, these websites are absolutely secure to use. As the plans include a free SSL certificate, you do not need to pay for additional security for your website.

This keeps you assured that all the transactions are safe and the content uploaded is not prone to hacks. 

Wrapping Up 

Squarespace is an interesting platform that allows people to create appealing and creative websites. The array of features is sufficient to tell why it has become such a popular website builder in the marketplace at the present time.

Apart from the features available in the free trial, when you subscribe to the paid plans, the list of features increases allowing you to enjoy professional help as well.

Though website building is simple with Squarespace, the steps mentioned in the guide make it even more straightforward. All the engaging features are available at a price plan of $16 for the entire month. Hope you like the information provided in this beginner guide.  

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