How to Send Videos on Discord | A Step By Step Guide

Text and voice chatting app Discord have been loved by the gaming community across the world but with time it has become prominent among non-gaming communities. Today we’ll be answering the question in everybody’s mind: how to send videos on Discord?

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Discord was originally built for gamers where they can build communities and talk by creating a server. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows. But as it grew to other people, Discord became a place where users could do text chats, video calls, send media files like videos, images etc.

But sending video in Discord can be confusing and there is a limitation, it allows you to send videos up to 8MB. You have to take their paid Nitro subscription to send large video files.  Welcome to Hostinglogy. Today, I’m going to tell you the solution regarding the file size issue on Discord.

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Send Videos on Discord 

Here is the easiest process to send videos on Discord on different OS platforms. (Android, iOS & Windows)

How to send videos on Discord Android?

  • Open Discord app.
  • Go to your friends or server.
  • Select the server or the friend you want to send the video to.
  • Click on the image button next to the gift.
  • Select the video file and send it.

Now if you want to send the video to a server, then click on the server button instead of the friend’s button. The rest are the same.

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How to send videos on Discord Windows

  • Launch Discord on your pc.
  • Select the group or a friend with whom you want to send the video.
  • The chatbox will open and you’ll see a + button at the bottom, click it.
Launch Discord on your pc
  • Now select the video file you want to send.
  • Click on the open button and your file will be sent.
How to send videos on Discord Windows

How to send videos on Discord Mobile iOS?

  • Open Discord on your iPhone.
  • Click who you’d like to send the video to.
  • Now click on the + button on the left window.
  • Your gallery will open, select the video now.
  • Now the video will be displayed with a chat window to add comments.
  • When you are done with that click send icon on the right.

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How To Send Videos Larger Than 8 MB On Discord?

Discord allows you to send videos only up to 8 MB. But there are many ways to share a larger video on Discord. The best option is to use online cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox or to use an online video platform like Youtube & Dailymotion.

How To Send Videos Larger Than 8 MB On Discord?

#1. YouTube

There are a few steps to share videos on Discord via Youtube. First, you need to go to your Youtube page then make sure you have a Youtube channel. If you don’t have one then create one. 

Now click on the create option and select upload a video. Now the uploading will take some time and when it’s done select the video that is not made for kids.

After that click next until you reach the visibility option, now you have to click the unlisted option to keep your video private. Now you can copy the link of your video and share the link with your Discord server.

#2. Imgur

Imgur is an American image hosting platform, which can also be used to share a large image file on Discord. First, you need to upload the image and you have to make it private if you don’t want others to see it. 

Now you have long pressed the photo and you’ll see the Share Direct URL option, where you’ll get a URL and you can send it to any friend or group on Discord.

#3. Streamable

Streamable is also a good video hosting platform where you can upload and host your videos. One thing you need to know is Streamable is not completely free, you can upload up to 250MB/ 10 minutes without any charge. But it’s not that bad if we compare it to an 8MB file on Discord.

#4. DailyMotion

Dailymotion is the best online video sharing platform after Youtube. Dailymotion functions in the same way as Youtube. To upload a video first you need to sign up and then once the video is uploaded you can share the video link on Discord with your friends. 

#5. GoogleDrive

This is one of the best ways to upload your video files and send them on Telegram or any other apps. You get a 15GB limit with a single drive account which is more than enough to upload multiple videos up to 4K.

First, you need to upload the file on Google Drive, once it’s done, you have access to specific Drive users, or you can generate a link to share it on Discord with your friends.

#6. Dropbox

Dropbox works the same as Google Drive does, it’s also cloud storage. But you can only upload free videos up to 2GB.

Discord File Size Limit

As you know, Discord doesn’t allow you to share files or videos of more than 8MB. But that doesn’t mean there is no way to do it.

Bypass Discord File Size Limit using Nitro

The only way Discord will allow you to share large files is when you buy their Discord Nitro plans at $9.99/month where you are allowed to send videos up to 100MB. You can also opt for a cheaper Discord Nitro classic at 4.99/month where you can upload videos up to 50MB.

How to send large files on Discord without Nitro?

There are many other ways to send large videos on Discord, you can use cloud storage or a video hosting platform where you can generate a link for your file which can be shared with your friends on Discord.

How to Compress Video for Discord?

There are many tools or software that can be used to compress videos but if we are talking about compressing a video for Discord then 8MB.Video is the best option. It is a web page or portal where you can upload your video files up to 2000MB to be converted into 8M.


This was everything about “How to send videos on Discord?” There can be many other options to send large videos on Discord but I have told you the best and safest ways. 

If you are using Discord as a tool in your profession, (If you are a Gamer or you do live streaming) where you have to send a good amount of videos on a daily basis then you might wanna take a Discord Nitro subscription.

That’s it for today, I hope you got your answer to the problem. Now, if you have any comments or suggestions for this article or if you know another way to send videos on Discord then feel free to comment. Thanks for visiting Hostinglogy. We’ll see you soon. 

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