Top 7 Best Web Hosting Companies in UK 2024-(Top Ranked)

Choosing a suitable web hosting company is necessary for this growing digital competition.

Web hosting is the backbone of any website. Even though you can host your website locally on a desktop, it is not possible to keep it online for very long. The desktop would need to restart, the internet connection will fluctuate, and the electricity supply would also not be redundant.

Various other problems will cause you to rethink the option of hosting a website on a desktop.

Web hosting is essential for ensuring that your website has optimal resources and maximum uptime. A good host will lighten up the load of your business to a great extent.

There are various web hosting companies in UK and we have done deep and thorough research to shortlist the best web hosting providers for you.

Best 5+ Web Hosting Companies in UK

To make it easier for anyone to choose a suitable hosting company for their website. Here we have mentioned the best 5+ web hosting companies in UK.

Along with the list of the features, plans, and prices they are offering, the quality of YouStable’s support system, and their pros and cons according to the independent UK web hosting reviews.

#1 YouStable

YouStable Web Hosting

YouStable is an India-based company established in 2015. They are known for their rare combination of quality services and cost-efficient packages. It aims to serve your website with genuine SEO services and mark customer satisfaction as their ultimate goal.

YouStable is the best web hosting company for small businesses UK.


  • YouStable provides premium web hosting in the UK at an affordable price.
  • This company is offering great deals for small workers.
  • It also offers various packages from multi website packages and yearly packages.
  • YouStable gives direct access to SSD space and provides the bandwidth of 50 GB only there in its cheapest plan of $1.2 / month.
  • Youstable provides dual shield security that helps websites to secure websites from intruders before knowing them.

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Plans and Pricing

YouStable provides three packages:

DA START pack costs $ 1.2/ mon providing a single website free domain and 50 GB bandwidth and two databases. 

DA PROFESSIONAL pack of $1.79/ month providing ten websites, 250 GB bandwidth, and 15 databases.

The DA ELITE pack of $2.49/ month provides unlimited websites, 100 GB SSD space, and an unlimited database.


It provides 24*7*365 support services. Understanding their customers is one of their priorities. They strive to deliver brisk and steadfast web hosting to their customers.

Pros and Cons


  • YouStable has a variety of packs that make it easier to select.
  • It provides only necessary in its cheapest pack and offers exceptional satisfaction for the small scale entrepreneurs.
  • The emailing features and other contacting methods are available all seven days.


  • The support system may promise to give a 24*7*365 support system, but their on-call services are only open six days a week.

#2 A2hosting

A2Hosting Web hosting UK

A2hosting is a well-established company started in the year 2001. Mentions they started this hosting company just as a hobby. They are widely known for their 20x turbo fast speed. It is the best web hosting for eCommerce UK. Best web hosting UK for speedier speed of uploading.


  • A2 web hosting company claims to cover all the problems with fined-tuned solutions.
  • Promises to serve high-speed data.
  • The hosting is done on a swift server platform, but one will also choose a turbo server to give 20x speed to the website.
  • It offers better SEO, lower bounce rate, and higher conversion rates.
  • They have a wide range of hosting starting from shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated.
  • They give managed word press hosting.

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Plans and Pricing

The plan’s features of A2 hosting start from $10.99/ month of shared hosting, including the turbo server, WordPress, and free site migration. You can even get it at a discount of $2.99/month.

The VPS plan rates to $8.99/month, which you can get on $4.99/mon. This pack includes isolation, provides options to choose your management, and is a developer-friendly option.

The reseller hosting plan includes an easy individual hosting account. Fully white-labelled, world-class WHM control panel and free billing option. All this at the rate of $34.99 after a discount of $18.99/mon. 

The dedicated server provides customized server resources and power and complete isolation at $ 199.99, which will cost you $129.99/month.


Provide 24*7*365 guru crew that supports the customer and promises to support them with privacy and faster services.

Pros and Cons


  • The hosting company provides an easy selection of the packs available according to the customer’s needs.
  • It gives 20x speed with a 24*7*365 guru crew support system.
  • A2hosting also provides discounts on their various packs.


  • The price rate of the package is too high for small workers, and it might not be affordable for many new entrepreneurs.

#3 Eco web hosting

Eco Web Hosting UK

Eco web hosting is a company that focuses on sustainable digital growth—promising you to establish green business practices with their eco-friendly technologies. Best web hosting UK for eco-friendly growth.


  • It provides clean and eco-friendly web hosting. Have fast hosting claims.
  • They provide UK-based hosting, which makes them a preference for the public of UK. 
  • Serves with one-click installation for many sites like WordPress and Joomla.
  • Gives a guarantee of 45 days money back in any case.

Plans and Pricing

Starting with their £3.49/month web hosting plan, including superfast SSD, 50 GB bandwidth, let’s Encrypt SSL and other services. The virtual private servers promise to give personal, secure, and customizable services in the pack of £7.99/mon.

With the most powerful pack managed WordPress, they claim optimized, dynamic, and supercharge services. The reselling web hosting package is a convenient, scalable, and practical package at the price of £23.99/mon.


As they have a UK-based team, the support system is much friendlier and faster within the UK.

Pros and Cons


  • The eco web hosting provides sustainable web hosting;
  • They also provide the data of how many plants will get saved on each pack.
  • The one-click installation and friendly support system make them an excellent choice for the local UK citizen.


  • The packages may sound attractive being eco-friendly, but the performance of the hosting may be lacking sometimes.

#4 RX hosting    

RX Host web hosting UK

RX hosting company is located in London, UK. They have a speciality in web designing and mobile applications. This company was established in 2006. Their support system believes in establishing long-lasting customer relationships.

It is the best web hosting company with reliable hosting & Best web hosting in UK with communication tools.  


  • RX web hosting provides reliable hosting and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • A free-to-call option that makes it easier for the customer to choose from the various packs available.

Plans and Pricing

The plans available are certainly of two types one for personal use that will be fit for bloggers with the price of £ 4.99/month and with the business pack of £8.99/month.


It always provides to help support the customer’s special support email tickets to get special attention of the mails.

Pros and Cons


  • The plus point of this web hosting is that they provide a communication tool for clients helpful to communicate with their customers.
  • They provide managed web hosting for clients. Free DNS services, mail forwarding, and control will be provided.
  • They also provide tech hardware tools like desk telephones.


  • A bit costly 
  • Don’t offer calling facility
  • Server Uptime is not up to the mark

#5 EasySpace

EasySpace web hosting UK

 EasySpace was founded back in 1997. They have been evolving with time. They started with a basic bright colour website to adapting new styles and new packages. This company has its well-established 10 data centers in UK.  

They are the best web hosting companies in UK with web hosting architects.


  • It provides domain names, web hosting, microsoft365 with UK support.
  • Have ten self-owned UK data centres and networks.
  • They have a massive investment in web hosting architecture.

Plans and Pricing

The plans served by them start from the domain name at the rate of £8.15/month. £ 2.99/month of the pack for hosting of the website, including 24*7 support.

Dedicated services and UK cloud services are provided at the rate of £27.99 and £14.99/mo. they also offer a website design pack at £299/mon

Pros and Cons


  • The easy space provides UK-based cloud Web Hosting, which gives them a plus point.
  • Their network is all UK-based and has ten self-owned data centers and networks makes them more trustworthy and friendly to contact.
  • They provide plans according to all features they perform.


  • There is no such difference in the plans. And there is no explicit mention of the unlimited bandwidth they serve.

#6 LCN

LCN web hosting UK

LCN is one of the oldest players in web hosting, established in 1999 registered in UK. This company is a single stoppage for anyone willing to make their online presence. Best web hosting UK for beginners as it will solve all the issues related to your online presence.


  • The LCN is a one-stop for anyone who wants to make their online presence from domain to website building and then hosting, SSL and servers.

Plans and pricing

The domain package starts from being free to £1.95/mon. The hosting plans are manageable with three packages.

The startup pack is £5.83/mon with a webspace of 25 GB and two databases of 500MB.

The business pack of £8.33/mon includes the space of 250 GB and unlimited databases.

The multisite pack of £13.33 includes unlimited web space and database. Each with the operating system of Linux. And unlimited bandwidth.


It provides a FAQ section for the help of customers with a calling number available for anyone.

Pros and Cons


  • The LCN is a one-stop for all who need to get established online.


  • They have fixed working hours every day, which somewhere weakens their support system.
  • After another company acquired the LCN, their prices have changed, which are not as reasonable as they used to be.
  • Their support wait time has also been affected due to an increase in customer inquiries.


Hosting.CO.UK Web Hosting is a company that supplies modernized web hosting services for their client. They never claimed them as established as they believe in still growing. Best web hosting UK to receive modern web hosting. Best web hosting for small businesses UK as they focus on the local market services.


  • Flexibility, security for VPS, provide one-click installation of the website.
  • Promise to give world-class support with top-notch security.
  • Provide free site migration if shifting from some other host.
  • It also offers services keeping the local market in mind.

 Plans and Pricing

The plans and prices are available from shared hosting to dedicated services. The shared hosting starts from £2.40/mon. Provides reselling hosting at £8.95/mon and VPS SSD hosting at £8.99/mon. The dedicated plan is available at £95.00/mon.


It claims to have world-class support for its customers. Available for 24*7 with a FAQ column to solve problems.

Pros and Cons


  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Provide budget-friendly hosting to their clients.


  • They don’t have a centre available outside the UK.
  • They need to work on their speed as they give a poor performance on speed tests.
  • The window-based hosting does not get supported.

Our Recommendation

There are many plans and prices available of varied types. Still, our recommendation will be YouStable which is the best web hosting for small businesses UK. YouStable is also the best web hosting UK for WordPress. The affordable packages served by them make it even attractive for the newly established entrepreneur.  

Other than this, A2hosting company is also suitable long-term online established as their prices are comparatively high. A2 hosting company gives an impressive average speed of loading, 24/7 server monitoring and malware scanning, and free site migration.

Most of these companies like YouStable and A2hosting also offer the Best Django Hosting in the UK. Django is a web framework that helps to build manageable websites.


There are various plans according to plans available according to the client’s preference. If anyone is willing to start their website at a lower price, then they can switch to YouStable to pay less and get more. YouStable is the best web hosting in the UK and the best web hosting for small businesses in the UK.

If speed is your preference, then A2hosting is one of the best for you. If you are eager to get established then, LNC will be a one-stop for everything.

Eco web hosting is available for the one who believes in sustainable hosting. gives Budget-friendly hosting to their client.

The easy space hosting provides excellent support with their ten self-owned centres in the UK.

Hope our selection of the best web hosting companies in UK was helpful to everyone. Let us know in the comment section if you thinking we need to add some other

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